In our society, children, more and more, seem to be out of control. Hyperactivity, behaviour problems, aggression, problems at school, fears, etc. are part of families daily routine. But it is usually not the child’s fault, but is a direct result of the environment’s, society’s and teachers‘ helplessness.


For some years, society has been subject to major changes. Old structures and methods have been overtaken, and don’t work any more. Holistic and alternative schools, and education methods, can only partly meet the needs of the ‘Children of the New Age’. Many children feel misunderstood, and react with emotional or physical problems, which can’t be dealt with and solved by traditional methods.


Classical education and the school system still focus on a child’s mental ability. Alternative schools also include the physical and emotional level in their education system.

But there is still one area missing, which has never been taken into account so far: the support and care for the spiritual-energetic level of young people – the spiritual education.


In our spiritual education project, we want to provide interested parents, teachers and therapists, with practical and easy tips and instructions. With our spiritual tools – energized symbols and essences – support and accompany children effectively.


Although the origins of our tools are in the spiritual level of our being, the application is independent of any religious or ideal values. No matter what world view you identify with, the effect of the tools is the same. It requires a certain amount of openness for new and so far unknown dimensions of our human life.

The children will be grateful!


Ingrid & Beate

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