This disc, developed by Beate Fallaschinski, forms the centre of problem analyses in spiritual education. It is used within families, for teaching and therapy, but also as a transformation tool in therapy work with the inner child. It is based on the energised Angel Symbols for Children by Ingrid Auer.


The disc can either serve as an integral meeting point for spiritual diagnosis and therapy, or it offers both children, teenagers and adults a direct access to the Angel Symbols and the spiritual level of their awareness.


Spiritual education, the way Beate Fallaschinski and Ingrid Auer understand it, should not only refer to the physical, emotional and mental level, analysing and treating it, but also the spiritual level. All the four areas are considered as equal on the analysing disc. Some examples:



Physical level:


  • stimulating the senses through colours and symbols
  • tactile and skilled perception through physical contact with the symbols
  • non-verbal communication – the child does not have to express itself verbally, but through gestures, facial expression, and the way it arranges the symbols on the disc

Mental level:


  • self-responsibility through independent choice of the symbols
  • planning of action (= self-determined course of actions)
  • allocating mental blockages to the four levels of awareness (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)
  • communication tool
  • diagnosis and analysis

Emotional level:


  • allowing space for feelings
  • learning to understand oneself
  • dealing with emotional blockages
  • supporting intuition
  • supporting self-acceptance, love of self, etc.

Spiritual level:


  • noticing and supporting spiritual perception
  • inducing the transformation of subtle-spiritual blockages
  • finding access to the spiritual world
  • developing ways to express one’s spirituality
  • showing spiritual fears


The core of the analysing disc are the energised Angel Symbols for Children. These symbols are not only the keys to the child’s soul, but also subtle-spiritual tools, which can transform blockages. Read more about the symbols under BASICS.