Child of separated couple


Since our divorce my husband and I Live apart but in the same town. Our son Benjamin, 5, visits his father and his new girlfriend every other weekend. I can’t really cope with it, although I don’t want my son to lose his father. But he comes back from these weekends completely over-excited. Can the angels help me somehow that we all feel good? Thanks to the team!


Of course the angels and masters are happy to help you. I would like to concentrate on you in this situation. If both parents are strong, it strengthens the children. In my consulting sessions I can see that a new partner often triggers off a process of letting go. Children often feel angry or sad. These feelings help to let go. Let the Sun Angel (your Higher Self) embrace you and fill your heart with golden light. Then just watch your own feelings change or go their way. Getting in touch with yourself and your own feelings is a declaration of love to yourself.

The next step is to take the symbol cards of the Masters and Archangels. In your mind place yourself in the spotlight. Can you see yourself? You are in the light. Thinking of yourself, you draw a strengthening card from the set of cards. Once you have chosen a card, feel the symbol and in your mind copy it on the floor where the spotlight is. The power of the Masters and Archangels can stream through your whole body. You can ask the Master or Archangel who wants to serve you, to talk to you or you can just watch him come and strengthen you. Do this until you can see yourself with your beaming aura. This can take days. Some processes take their time. Then you go on: You are in the spotlight and ask for another symbol card which supports you in your next step. I could also say which “rolls out the carpet” for you. The symbol is woven in this carpet. Can you feel the power walking along this carpet? If you want another message: Invite the Masters and Archangels to you and wait and see.

Good luck! (Brigitte Heynen, Switzerland)


Of course, such situations go along with strong emotions and upheavals. I find it especially nice that you think about how you can all be happy. In these situations the angels like to help to accept the emotions and changes in love. Do not try to interview your child.

A good way of dealing with the situation is to write the names of all the people involved, on a sheet of paper (your ex-husband’s, his girl-friend’s, your son’s and yours). If you know all the dates of birth, you could add them as well. Put the Angel-Combi-Essence no. 57 Uthael on the names and leave it. You could also lay a cutting circle (find instructions in the book “Praxisbuch der Engelsymbole”) for you and your ex-husband, if you feel the separation still gnaws on you. (Beate Fallaschinski, Mallorca)


It is important for Benjamin that, despite the divorce, he has a good relationship to both parents and he can spend time with both. The child loves mother and father. As you feel uncomfortable about your son’s visits to his father’s, I would talk to your ex-husband. It is not right that Benjamin has his everyday life with its responsibilities and duties and every second week he experiences just the opposite with his father. Of course he is beside himself when he comes home. It is important to sort this out because it will certainly become more difficult as soon as Benjamin goes to school. Maybe it is possible for Benjamin to spend some time with his father during the week. It would be good to experience everyday life with him as well.

I recommend that you lay an angel circle with the symbol cards 1 – 49, maybe combined with the Angel-Transformation-Symbols. It is also important to accept the father’s new girl friend. Put this wish into the circle as well. In addition you could write the four names on a sheet of paper and put Archangel Chamuel’s symbol on it. For Benjamin I recommend the Angel-Combi-Oil no. 3 HARIEL to learn to cope with the changes better. (Susanne Seger, Austria)


Young children experience the world with their heart and not the brain. Benjamin loves his parents and wants to have them both. He does not know yet how to handle the situation. He has to find a certain structure. It is best to help him in the outside world to understand his situation. Give him a calendar where he can see how long it takes to see his father again. Also his father should give him something for the time when he is not with him – something that reminds him of his father. For example a worn T-shirt or a pillow case, so that he can smell him.

For his inner structure and his heart you can support him with the energy of the Angel-Aura-Essence “Angel Hariel” and the Master-Aura-Essence “Maria”.

And do not forget about yourself. Such a situation is not easy for the parents either. At this age the children often reflect their parents’, especially their mothers’, state of mind. Have a look at what needs to be healed inside you after the separation. Maybe there is the topic “forgiving”. Also for you the Master-Aura-Essence “Maria” will help. (Daniela Hutter, Austria)


We know from our own experience that you find yourself on the horns of a dilemma. You’d better try to relax on these weekends and gather your strength up. Benjamin is in good hands at his father’s, you know this. Before he goes to his father you could lay an angel circle for him (8 cards from any set of angel-symbols by Ingrid Auer, put in a circle around his photo). If he comes back over-excited, the Angel-Aura-Essence “Angel Hariel” will help him to calm down again. The Aura-Essence “Energetic Boundary” will support you during the weekends. You could also lay an angel circle to help you relax better. The situation is difficult but it will get better and calmer. Good luck! (Alexandra & Aaron Britschgi, Switzerland)


Still not clean


Our son is three years old and not clean yet. This is not alarming. But what worries me is the fact that he does not want to hear about not wearing a nappy. He wants his little sister to try not having a nappy, but he wants to keep his. He also does not want to sit on the toilet or the potty. How can I help my son and which angel can I ask for help?


Dear mother, you feel like many mothers whose children are expected to be clean. The problem is that mothers who experience this for the first time, are easily upset: by friends, grandmothers, doctors, the media. Everybody seems to know best and all of a sudden the most natural thing in the world turns into a competition and training. Can you feel the tension in you and your son?

Please, breathe in and out deeply! Relax! As soon as you can relax, your son can. Relaxing means letting go!

I would like to invite you to a little meditation journey: Sit down, close your eyes and breathe in and out deeply. Imagine you are in a wonderful meadow with lots of colourful flowers. Feel the warm summer’s air and hear the birds chirping. Sit down on a bench under a big tree. Invite the following angels to you: your and your son’s Guardian Angels. And here they are: four wonderfully light figures approach you. Feel the security they bring with them. Now tell them about your son and that you need help and support to make him clean. The angels give you a smile and you can hear the clear words: Dive into the feeling of love! Feel your heart chakra open like a rose … you feel the love for your son flowing through you. Happiness envelops you!

In the light of this love you can see clearly: This little soul has chosen YOU to go this path together! You know that this soul has its time for everything: for its birth, the time to learn how to walk and also the time to use the potty. Everything has been planned. You feel that your son is great, although he is still in the body of this little boy … you feel his dignity and you know: he will send signals as soon as he does not want any more nappies! Now the Guardian Angels are bringing your little son: Take him in your hands and assure him he can take his time to get clean. Hold him and enjoy the feeling of unconditional love and intimacy. Your Guardian Angels build a circle around you both and send you love with an enormous pink cloud wrapped around you both. Stay as long as you enjoy it. Then say goodbye to the Guardian Angels and to your son. Stretch and breathe in and out deeply. Open your eyes and return to the here and now. You can support the situation on a further energetic level by laying an angel circle with the “Angel-Symbol-Cards 1-49” by Ingrid Auer. Choose randomly a symbol from the “Children’s Symbols” especially for your son and put it in the middle of the circle together with a photo of your son. Ask the angels to support the process of getting clean. Further information on how to lay angel circles can be found in the book “Healing Angel Symbols” by Ingrid Auer. The book “Engelsymbole für Kinder” is also by Ingrid Auer. Greetings to you and your son! And remember: Whenever you are insecure in questions of education, ask yourself: WHAT WOULD LOVE SAY? (Photo: Manuela Luncer, Croatia)


Finn, our youngest (not smallest, which is very important), will be four next week. About a year ago I, as the father, had the feeling it is about time for him to become clean. Then he completely blocked, did not want to try anything. Then we lay a cutting circle with angel cards. In the top circle we wrote “nappies” and “dummy” and on the other side his name and date of birth. We stopped talking to him about it. Soon afterwards Finn wanted to go to the toilet and the nappies disappeared during the day. Give your child time. Our son still has the nappy in the night and the dummy as well. We only hear about children who became clean very early. The majority of children need time and training. Good luck. (Aaron and Alexandra Britschggi, Switzerland)


Recently the angels recommended a mother to accompany her son with the court jesters’ wisdom. Kings were wise men who had their jesters. Or maybe these were only angels in disguise? Anyway, I put on my fool’s cap and imagined your situation like this: The scene starts like this: “Shall we try today without nappy?” Son crosses his arms, almost closes his eyes and says stubbornly, “No, my sister shall do it, not me!!” With my fool’s cap on, I like the answer and find myself smiling. I reply, “Sorry, she doesn’t want to either”.

Children of the New Age react very sensitively to expectations, pressure and hidden purposes. I can see that they are following a very individual path of development. Mothers of the New Age are challenged to trust that everything is fine with their children. This is inner work which should not be underestimated.

This is why I feel I should suggest a “power circle” for you and your mother role. Take a sheet of paper on which you write your name and date of birth. See yourself in the role of a mother. Now you are able to receive help. Angels want to support you. How many are there? The number that comes to your mind spontaneously, is the right one.

And this is the number of angel cards you should draw from the set “Healing Angel Symbols 1-49”. Put them on the paper and leave them for some time. (Brigitte Heynen, Switzerland)


I don’t think this is something to worry about. The less you think about it and the less pressure you apply, the more quickly your son will become clean.

Nevertheless you can “play” with the “Angel Symbols for Children” by Ingrid Auer. Let your son draw an angel card and then sleep on it. You can read the story that goes with the symbol. Do this again and again. Children also like stories you make up yourself. You might tell him one when he uses the potty. This should all happen in a playful way.

Another possibility is the Angel-Combi-Oil no.3 “Hariel” (= children’s emergency oil). It deals with shocks, etc…

I recommend you work with the “Angel Symbol Cards 1-49” by Ingrid Auer, to be able to let go more easily. Think of the problem, draw a card and sleep on it for some weeks.

At the end I recommend you lay a protection circle with angel symbol cards. (Susanne Seger, Austria)


Addicted to sweets


My sister’s three and a half-year old son is crazy about sweets. In the morning you can only persuade him to eat his breakfast if he is allowed to have a piece of chocolate afterwards. It is the same with lunch and dinner. The whole day revolves around gruelling discussions over when he can have his next sweet. If there is juice or a jar of honey on the table, he will empty these quickly, when my sister is not looking. As soon as she tries to stop this, he rolls on the floor, screaming for hours. My sister has a tiring job, so she does not always have the energy for these battles and often gives in. What makes the problem even worse is the fact that the boy does not eat any fruit. This means apple cakes or other fruity desserts are a no go.

Only recently he woke up in the night screaming for chocolate. He is a very demanding child, but only with his mother. In the kindergarten he is as meek as a lamb and accepts that he can’t have a sweet. As soon as he comes home the pestering starts again. Can anyone help? Has anybody had similar experiences?


First of all, I’d like to thank you for your commitment to your sister, and your nephew. From the outside it is often more obvious that support is necessary.

Children sometimes need and want sweets. This is natural. However, for your nephew this longing has reached an unnatural and unhealthy extent.

Excessive consumption of sugar is not only bad for the body, but also for the soul and the spirit. Therefore, I urgently suggest you see a nutrition expert to work on a special diet with reduced sugar. This needs to be guided. The results of increased sugar consumption are fatal for a young body. On the emotional side your nephew is longing for his mother’s attention. She seems to have problems with setting up clear rules and borders, and being lovingly present.

A child’s physical, emotional and spiritual health has to be looked after, so that it can develop healthily. The Angel-Aura-Essences “Archangel Michael” for the mother and “Archangel Raphael” for the child, trigger off this process. In addition, the Angel-Symbol no.02 “Angel for Love and Love of Self” for the mother, and for the child Angel-Symbol no. 02 from the Angel Symbols for Children “Angel Lyrael”. Its message is “I am always with you”. From the moment your sister meets her child with love and responsibility, both on the physical and the emotional level, her boy will develop healthily. Best wishes to you from the bottom of my heart! (Photo: Tamara Frühbeiss, Germany)


Dear aunt, I am happy you think about your nephew and are open for help. It is unbelievable! I am reading your words, thinking someone is talking about my own children. My two younger ones, Kimi (5) and Lilli (almost 3) do the same with me: this unbelievable addiction to chocolate and sweets.

When Kimi went through all this, I was thinking about it a lot. Chocolate, sugar as a substitute for love, looking for the sweetness in life … of course as a mother you don’t feel very “successful”. And it adds to it that you know in the kindergarten or with friends your children are completely different. They eat what is served on the table, no pestering for chocolate. Apparently they only do this with me.

You question the relationship to your children: Am I giving enough love? Do the children suffer from my going to work more than I think … doubts and doubts!

Of course, your sister should think about herself. The Angel-Transformation-Card or the Angel-Transformation-Essence “Honest Self-Recognition” can be useful. It has happened to me that I “forgot” about my children with all the work I had to do. It made me concentrate on the essential again. It does not mean that I worked less, but I started to spend my free time with my children more aware.

Physically, I weaned the children off sugar. Step by step we were running out of chocolate biscuits and chocolate bars, and substituted them with gummi bears. The apple juice was strongly diluted with water until there was no juice left. Since then we drink water at home.

The children accepted this quite well. It was a slow process. A protection circle can support the situation energetically, (e.g. Angel-Symbols no. 6 “Change and Transformation”, no. 30 “Courage and Perseverance”, no. 32 “Liberation from Dependencies” …, “Archangel Michael”). Together with her son your sister can lay a protection circle from the Children’s Symbols and the Angel Symbols 1-49. This would be a great start.

Another possibility to “free” the boy from his chocolate addiction would be a cutting circle. With angel symbols you form the shape of a lying eight and put the photo of the child in one of the circles. Put the topic (on a sheet of paper) you want to get rid of, into the other circle.

There is something else I’d like to mention: After I had gone through the chocolate period with my 5-year-old son, I experienced the same with my little daughter Lilli. This made me think and I noticed more abnormal eating habits. The eating behaviour of the children of the New Age is different! They eat like sparrows, for example only eating the carrots from a meal. Next day it is only the meat. Then they just eat a few lettuce leaves.

The question is: what is normal? Maybe we should just accept, and let things go. The more pressure and fight we put up against the sweet, the more aggressive the children get.

Christmas is coming, which is certainly the worst time to ban chocolate. Let’s consciously turn to chocolate.

Why don’t you accept it, and ask the child? What does chocolate mean to you? How do you feel when you eat chocolate? Or: hmmm …, yummy such a piece of chocolate. Let’s share it?

This phase will pass and I am sure it won’t do your child any harm. Support yourself and the child with lots of love and the thought: What is normal…? You and your sister should cuddle the little soul as much as possible, give him warmth  and eat a piece of chocolate with him. Wait for miracles…! Have a merry Christmas and thank you for your responsibility. (Christine Poignie, Mallorca)


At three and a half years willpower is very strong. The “I want” strengthens the self. But the “I want” without borders and limits has the tendency to tyranny and plants the seed for addictions. Very tiring for child and parents.

My suggestion: strengthen and harmonize your nephew energetically. The good news: That’s what you can do as an aunt. How? You need the Master-Aura-Essence “El Morya” and the Angel-Combi-Oil no. 12 “Haziel”. And the invitation to a very special present: “Children’s wellness”. You start with the wonderful scent of “El Morya” which is sprayed into the aura. Then into the bath tub, nicely warm and lots of foam. After the bath there is the “angel dessert”. A massage with the Combi-Oil. Haziel strengthens the flow of life and “feeds” the chakras. During the massage the child closes the eyes and feels the effects of the massage. Just when it feels comfortable and fine, it is the right time to finish with the Aura-Essence “El Morya”. I always enjoy watching the children in their own power. (Brigitte Heynen, Switzerland)


In this situation it is very important to set clear rules together with the child. Your sister should really set limits for her little son. He is crying out for them. The firmer your sister is, the fewer battles there will be. The child reflects the mother’s own insecurity. He needs a clear line. ONE sweet after lunch should be enough.

We should consider that many people (not only children) eat too many sweets, because of a lack of vitamins and minerals. I could have this checked out and supply your child with the appropriate food supplement.

Another point that should be considered is the “sweetness of life”. If you don’t get enough of this, you get it through your food. I hear your sister is very busy in her job. Not the quantity of time is important, but the quality of time she spends with her son.  If this time together is really consciously spent with playing, reading, cuddling …, the child gets what he needs.

Your sister could ask her son whether he can see or feel his Guardian Angel, what he looks like and what he is called. Then the child could ask his Angel what he thinks about all the sweets. Children at that age usually have a clear connection to the spiritual world and can easily accept the answers (drawing, …) Many children are happy to dive into the angelic world with their mothers. Of course the mother can also ask her angel and the boy’s angel for help in this situation. It works very well with an angel circle formed with the symbol cards 1-49. I also recommend letting the child “play” with the children’s symbols. He can choose a symbol, sleep on it, or carry it around … The mother could choose one of the symbol cards 1-49 and sleep on it. For the child the Angel-Aura-Essence “Hariel” would be helpful. It soothes and deals with shocks, …


I am sure you can work on this topic very well with help from the angels. All the best! (Susanne Seger, Austria)


First of all, let’s consider today’s nutrition: Ordinary food (also organic food from the supermarket) is packed with sugar. Sugar is cheap and addictive. The sugar content of finished products is so high so as to make them bearable. Therefore, it is difficult to avoid sugar addictions. Organic shops will help you to answer questions concerning nutrition. We recommend a cutting circle with the topic “sugar addiction”. Reduce crystallized sugar and use dried fruit instead (e.g. dates have a high fruit sugar content).

Addiction to sugar means on the emotional level a longing for attention and security. As your sister has a demanding job, I am sure there is not enough time for the boy. Try to find a certain time every day (for instance, half an hour) where you do what the boy wants to.

The Angel-Essence no. 4 “Angel for Purity and Clarity” helps to cleanse the body and deal with old blockages. Good luck! (We are talking to you but always mean your sister and her son).(Alexandra & Aaron Britschgi)


When I try to get into the energy of these words, I get the answer “emotional eating” with the image of a pregnant woman. I assume the problem is rooted in the mother’s pregnancy. Therefore I recommend working on two levels. First, with the mother, to deal with the time of conception and pregnancy, and heal it. The Combi-Essence no. 17 | Muriel and no. 13 | Yeliel would be useful for the emotional balance during these months. I would use no. 17 as essence and no. 13 as healing circle.

The mother also needs support in this situation, so that the solving of the problem is not just her responsibility. She should be supported in setting borders. The child should not be made to scream louder just to make his mother surrender. What about the father? He seems to play an essential role in this problem as well. He might accompany the process by taking over the part of weaning. Maybe it relaxes the boy to stay at an aunt or grandmother during the acute time of weaning.

The second level is the work with the child. The unhealthy bonding to the mother (which is not love) ought to be cut. I would recommend a cutting circle with symbols that should be tested out before. The child needs support to get out of this condition of eating. The Angel-Combi-Symbols no. 6 | Ramiel would be helpful. To balance the emotional system of the child, I recommend massaging his reflexology zones with the Angel-Combi-Oil no. 13.

The change in his diet ought to be accompanied by reducing the amount and replacing sweets by other more healthy things (e.g. gummi bears made of apple juice).

Of course, you should consider whether the child needs more attention rather than sweets.(Daniela Hutter, Austria)


I assume you have already worked on the problem with cutting circles, healing circles and Combi-Symbols. I am going to write about my experiences. As a biology teacher I told my students:


  • that after high consumption of chocolate the body is lacking in magnesium. But if the body has a lack of magnesium, it responds with a longing for chocolate. Chocolate deprives the body of magnesium and the vicious circle begins. Maybe magnesia tablets or Schüßler salt no.7 Magnesium Phosphoricum would help
  • that you can trick your taste buds by keeping one’s nose shut while eating chocolate
  • that you can drink tea with a caramel taste instead
  • that you let little pieces of chocolate slowly melt on your tongue
  • that you eat bitter chocolate
  • that you take a lot of exercise in the fresh air

This was my approach in the lessons. I wish, from the bottom of my heart, that your son calms down soon, after his defiant phase. (By the way, my son also lay on the floor screaming). Twenty years ago, I always asked for help from above. This always strengthened me. All the best, and lots of strength and help from God. (Silvia Lichtenegger, Austria)


Initial aggravation


Recently I have bought the angel-aura-essences „Archangel Raphael” and “Angel Hariel” for my children. I sprayed them and two days later my son (4 years) had a temperature and tonsillitis … First I did not associate it with the essences and continued spraying. Afterwards my daughter (9 years) got a septic conjunctivitis and a middle-ear infection … and now it is me – I have also got tonsillitis. Now I started to become suspicious. Before we started to use the angel-essences, we were all healthy, and now? I assume that there are no bacteria in the essences and we all found the scent very nice. I just wonder why we all fell ill shortly after we had taken the essences???


I have been using angel-essences for years and I have never experienced aggravation as in homeopathy. I imagine that these infections were already around and by accident broke out almost at the same time as you started to take the essences. I notice that your illnesses are all infections and in common parlance we say, “All the bad things are breaking out”. I am just assuming now (because I don’t have details), but what about stress in your family these days? I have had some similar experiences with my daughter. Sometimes she was even affected at the same time as her father. We always used the angel-aura-essences and angel-symbols for support and purification. (Photo: Anke Quade, Germany)


I have noticed in my courses and private life that there are a lot of coughs and colds about at the moment. I have also heard from people who are in healing jobs that they are suffering from infections.

I wanted to know what was going on and got in contact with the spiritual world. The answer was that this is part of the process we are just going through and which is quite tense at the moment. We like to think that if we are ill, something is wrong with us. Illness can also support our process. I notice that people’s nervous system is quite weak at the moment, we get annoyed easily and are quickly unsettled. I ask my Sun Angel every day to give me “a special dress” for this process, so that I can stay in my strength and my centre.

I am very sensitive myself, I feel everything through my body … also the angel-essences. Every day I experience on myself, on clients and children how strengthening they are. I have been “testing” them since 2002. I am 100% convinced about the quality of the sprays and essences. Listen to your heart: Should I throw away the essences, give them to a friend, put them away for some time or put them on a photo and wait for the results? What feels right for you? (Brigitte Heynen, Switzerland)


First of all we hope that you and your children get well soon. The angel-aura-essences are a wonderful help and do not contain any bacteria. We are convinced that the illnesses were waiting in your bodies to break out. Archangel Raphael heals our body. This can be done with the help of an illness. Let the Archangel help you and give your body the chance to heal naturally. We hope you will go on spraying the angel-aura-essences and enjoy their variety.(Alexandra & Aaron Britschgi, Switzerland)


The angel-essences work on a different level to that where the illnesses can be felt. Illnesses affect our physical body, angel-essences work in the energetic field. The aura-essence might have had an effect on the energetic level, shown you something that had been in your subconscious mind.

In my opinion you should go on in the following order:


  1. Look at what the illness causes in you? Are you worried, restless, maybe a bit over-worried?
  2. Then look at the message of the illness. Every illness brings a message on the emotional level.

Your children’s illnesses might also show or mirror you something. The three illnesses might also be connected and have a common message. As for the angel-essences I want to say that they have become a precious companion in everyday life for all of us. (Daniela Hutter, Austria)


I would not associate the illnesses with the angel-aura-essences. I have been using the essences for years, at home, in my private practice, and at school. The children ask for them daily and tell me how good they are for them. I have never had any similar reaction after the use of angel-essences. Bacteria can definitely be excluded. I would say that the virus could not be stopped by the angel-aura-essences. (Susanne Seger, Austria)


I find it good that you are contacting us so quickly. I can understand that it makes you feel suspicious. On the other hand I would like to encourage you to look at the situation from a different angle. Why do you react to the first application? Reactions are often the first sign of  insight. Every reaction contains a message, points at a background topic. Follow this more closely. Good luck with the wonderful signs from the angelic world. (Beate Fallaschinski, Mallorca)


Dear team of experts!


First of all many thanks for your quick answers. Yes … as I also work on a spiritual level, I was wondering … but wanted to wait for your answers. After a close look I realize:


  1. My daughter often does not really listen and does not want to face reality… She got a septic conjunctivitis and a middle-ear infection…Should she learn to listen and look at things thoroughly??? This is easily possible!
  2. It was more difficult to find the background for my son’s illness… but I found out that I am pushed around by him too easily… that he sometimes even manipulates me verbally… He had a high temperature and tonsillitis.
  3. And I was first really worn down by my son’s illness. I was physically and emotionally burdened. My throat started to ache and I also got tonsillitis… well, the throat is also the centre of your voice… and I have often had the feeling to talk in vain without being heard and understood.

I think through this illness we were meant to learn different things:

Most of all it was about boundaries. I think I used to accept too much pressure from my children and did not set borders clearly. For this situation I drew an angel-symbol card from Ingrid Auer, no. 31, the Angel for Fellowship. Topic: Helping without forgetting your own needs. Keeping boundaries. There was my explanation. It showed me the quintessence of the situation. Memories of having been exploited came up … wanting to help and being left all weak.I started to talk to my children about the fact that I also needed time for myself. Everybody in the family can have their needs and express them (but not at the same time), but you have to wait and see if your wishes can be fulfilled. Maybe this means that you have to wait for your milk and honey for five minutes … we have to practise to understand each other … every one. I was already thinking that the angel-aura-essences can’t have been the trigger on the material level… but these reactions made me wonder: WHY? I am happy to have found willing ears in you. And your answers were all very coherent.


Dear Mummy, you have 2 children and try to do everything correctly. I also have 3 children and I know the feeling very well that everything has to be perfect. Unfortunately there is no such thing as endless sunshine which we perfect mothers try to magic. Also in your family quite a few things seem to have accumulated so that you had the impulse to use angel-aura-essences.

You wonder if the aura-essences could have caused the illnesses because they were contaminated with bacteria. Well, I have never heard of such a case!

It might be possible that the angels have pushed you to use the angel-aura-essences when the illnesses were already manifested in the energetic field.

All  three of you got an inflammation. Inflammations are always red, they are always “hot”. On the emotional level inflammations are connected with anger. The throat, the ears and the eyes were infected. I could simply say that your family has problems with careful listening and expressing and living emotions. As the temporal connection between using the aura-essences and the illnesses was so tight, you could not escape the topic. The illnesses got more important in this way than if they had happened at any other time. The illnesses made you sit down and ask Ingrid Auer for help and explanation.

You could also say: The angels provided the perfect circumstances to make the illnesses become a positive turning point for your family. You have become much more sensitive with your children and yourself. Archangel Raphael offered you healing, in a completely different way than you expected, though. (Manuela Luncer, Croatia)


As a doctor, for some years, I have not experienced a similar sequence of illnesses as a result of  angel-aura-essences. Raphael is the “Angel of  Recovery” not of illness. I would also like to mention that our angelic helpers are subjected to the “Divine Wisdom” and they always act for the good of our beloved ones, and not for the bad. It is the flu season and a very infectious strain of conjunctivitis is going around. Unfortunately members of a family pass illnesses on to each other and get infected. Since I have started my work with the angel-aura-essences, I have not had one similar reaction, not even with multi-allergic patients.

What is possible is a vulnerability to throat problems that runs through the family. Maybe there are some unshed tears and feelings? Unfortunately I do not know the family, otherwise I am sure the problem could have been solved with a short talk. ( Christine Mikulitsch, Austria)