1.   Indications and causes of ADHD on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level


By the public, ADHD is mainly seen as an illness, or a serious disorder. Many parents, teachers and doctors are facing an apparently insoluble problem, of not to being able to cure this “illness”.

After a closer look at ADHD, you realize that it is not an illness, but a combination of different deficits or imbalances within the system “body – intellect/mind – feelings – spirituality”.

Therefore, there cannot be a patent solution for ADHD. The background, the causes or the blockages, leading to ADHD, need to be found individually. This can be done by careful observation of the child. But much more efficient is, for example, the exact testing of the child and its environment with the help of the kinesiologic muscle test.

To do this, it is necessary to think about the possible indications and causes of ADHD, and which areas they can be allocated to. A list clearly shows that there is a variety of possible causes that might lead to ADHD. With the help of suitable methods they can be filtered out and solved.


1.1 Indications/causes for ADHD on the physical level:

  • pregnancy and birth trauma of the mother and/or the child
  • too little/too much urge to move
  • insufficient interaction of the appropriate areas of the brain
  • weaknesses and disorders of the immune system
  • partial performance weaknesses/disorders
  • misinformation of messenger substances in the frontal brain and the area of basal ganglia
  • central vision and hearing perception disorders
  • unbalanced diet
  • allergies and food intolerances
  • hereditary predisposition
  • physical stress
  • vaccination stress
  • disorders in the tactile and depth sensitiveness area
  • sensory overload
  • manual clumsiness
  • energetic interference fields, such as water veins, electric smog, microwave, mobile radiation
  • physical complaints, such as swollen eyes, itchy skin, stomachache
  • restlessness at certain times of the day
  • personal biorhythm
  • etc.

1.2. Indications/causes for ADHD on the mental level:

  • excessive flow of words
  • retreat and excessive taciturnity
  • problems with mental learning, if learning methods do not agree with one’s learning type
  • learning only possible with noisy backgrounds
  • fears of loss
  • fears of the future
  • own resources are not realized and therefore not developed
  • overstimulation through computers/TV/video games/smartphones, etc.
  • looking for somebody to blame for failures
  • pressure from society
  • fear of being alone
  • too much/excessive fantasy
  • depressive moods
  • etc.

1.3.  Indications/causes for ADHD on the emotional level:

  • pregnancy and birth trauma of the mother and/or the child
  • rejection during pregnancy (taking on problems of the social environment)
  • social exclusion through mobbing
  • emotional needs (love, intimacy, security, etc.) are not fulfilled
  • feeling misunderstood and isolated
  • adopted child
  • divorce child
  • being often separated from parents
  • burdening social atmosphere in the social environment
  • lacking love of self and self-esteem
  • lacking acceptance/not enough love
  • conflicts with siblings, playmates and schoolmates
  • hiding/suppressing feelings
  • etc.

1.4. Indications and causes for ADHD on the spiritual level:

  • knowledge of one’s life plan and other people’s life plan, and the inability to cope with this information
  • misunderstood spiritual perception and resources, such as clairvoyance (perceiving of subtle bodies, chakras; of the dead and spirit beings; of future events)
  • soul has not completely arrived in the physical body
  • insufficient grounding
  • memory of former lives
  • etc.

2. Ways to remove or transform ADHD-symptoms on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level:


So far ADHD has been tackled with drugs or alternative therapies, which only achieved limited results. The important aspect of spirituality was completely neglected, as there was not meant to be any connection to ADHD, it was not known how to handle it and its importance was underestimated.

A lot of the so-called children of the New Age have to fight against two major problems as soon as they start their earthly life in a physical body. First of all, because of their high sensitivity, they are grossly overstressed with the dense, unpleasant and stressful energies on the earth. And then they are born with a much higher awareness than most of the adults. This means that they are often misunderstood. Their special needs are not recognized and they are confronted with traditional and/or at least alternative/holistic therapies.

This means that in many cases the adults overstrained with these children, as they have no ways of getting information about the true needs of these “new children”. This concerns parents, as well as teachers and kindergarten teachers. Many adults are not aware that ADHD must not be seen in isolation. A solution can only be in sight, if children and adults deal with the subject together. Also, there have been no instructions and tools so far, to go through this personal and spiritual transformation process, which might also be called ADHD.

Therefore ADHD is one of many ways to grow and develop. However, it takes inner greatness to neither blame the children nor yourself. Children need adults to get to grips with the difficult circumstances here on earth. But, at the same time, adults need these new children with their challenges, to understand the process of change here on earth better, to live it more consciously and to become more sensitive for the own spiritual level of awareness.

In other words: both, the children of the New Age AND the adults (of the New Age) need tools and forms of treatment, which suit and fulfil the new general conditions.

Furthermore, these tools and treatments have to combine all the four aspects (body – mind/intellect – soul/emotions – spirituality), and support the understanding of the development of a higher awareness together with its requirements and effects.

The list below shows the different possibilities to deal with and transform ADHD. It is subcategorized in four areas. The methods on the physical, mental and emotional level might look familiar. But even here the approved methods can be used more efficiently, in combination with the spiritual tools, such as the energized angel symbols and angel essences, for example.

The new fourth level, the spiritual level of awareness, has not been seized and treated with any sort of method so far – not even with traditional or alternative/holistic methods.


Ways of removing ADHD problems on the physical level:

  • giving contact, closeness and physical security
  • encouraging a basic sense of trust
  • movement games/learning with movement, to reduce frustration and the urge to move
  • including more phases of movement during playing and learning
  • movement while sitting with supports like sitting balls, squeezy balls, sitting wedges, etc.
  • changing postures /changing positions while learning and playing
  • integrating the child’s biorhythm in its daily routine
  • stories and games for relaxation (reading or telling)
  • offering games to experience the body
  • paying attention to physical and visual contact during the interaction with the child
  • offering games to encounter one’s own limits
  • supporting sensory perception in a playful way
  • supporting sensory perception with the help of different materials, to explore and understand objects and their contents better
  • turning and swinging of the body for vestibular stimulation
  • optimizing nutrition/desensitizing allergies
  • logopaedic therapy ( with verbal dyspraxia and visual and/or hearing perception disorder)
  • avoiding and removing interference fields of mobile phones, water veins, electro-smog, microwave, etc.
  • psychomotor support
  • sensory integration therapy
  • strengthening the immune system
  • possibly an additional treatment with drugs
  • etc.

Ways of removing ADHD problems on the mental level:

  • offering order and system in living rooms and play rooms
  • avoiding an excessive supply of games and free-time activities
  • reducing TV and computer
  • addressing the child’s strengths
  • finding out individual learning strengths (=learning types)
  • avoiding unnecessary advice
  • not correcting and compromising the child in front of others
  • talking about and defining consequences together
  • expressing I-messages, not YOU-messages
  • unconditional praising (without adding for example “…but next time…”)
  • offering individual concentration exercises
  • confronting the child with situations of fear consciously, to dissolve it
  • encouraging development through curiosity
  • supporting action planning by giving small tasks
  • offering nature, to clear children’s mind
  • supporting precision and clarity in communication and expression
  • separating the essential from the unimportant
  • rituals
  • etc.

Ways of removing ADHD problems on the emotional level:

  • allowing emotional closeness in one’s mind
  • creating and offering physical or inner retreats (also important for communication and exchange)
  • defining and expressing clear roles within the family
  • supporting and strengthening self confidence
  • offering time and room for own needs
  • offering common experiences to strengthen trust and cooperation
  • accepting the child’s authenticity
  • allowing freedom of decision with the planning of activities
  • making room for creativity and self-expression
  • avoiding comparison with others and strengthening uniqueness
  • avoiding blaming
  • strengthening trust by keeping promises
  • ‘inner peace comes through delight’ – working out and doing enjoyable experiences together
  • creating rooms with soothing colours
  • offering security through repetition
  • expressing feelings verbally, not just acting them out
  • etc.

Ways of removing ADHD problems on the spiritual level:

  • removing karmic patterns and entanglements
  • transforming subtle –spiritual blockages
  • completely embedding the soul in the body
  • offering help with clairvoyance
  • training awareness
  • transformation of dreams, located in the spiritual area of the aura
  • accepting spiritual abilities, which have not been allowed so far
  • reconnecting to the divine source
  • activating and supporting spiritual abilities
  • integrating spiritual abilities in everyday life
  • vibrational adaption of the physical body in correlation to the spiritual body
  • strengthening spiritual intuition
  • communication on other levels of awareness
  • integrating the soul aspects
  • etc.

There are different ways of applying these methods and tools of the New Age with ADHD. On the one hand, there has to be the honest desire to get to know oneself better, and to open oneself for new dimensions of education through self-awareness. Therefore, it is recommendable to get to know, try out and experience these spiritual tools oneself.

Another important step would be the learning of the practical application of these new methods and means through training documents, which are regularly put online in the webshop of Lichtpunkt & Ekonja. Special workshops by Beate Fallaschinski and the training series for ‘Spiritual Education Practitioner’ with Beate Fallaschinski and Lutz Mück deepen and complete the trainings in the area of spiritual education. Ingrid Auer and Beate Fallaschinski are also planning to write a book on the topic of ‘Spiritual Education’. Find more information on info@ingridauer.com.