ingrid auer

Ingrid Auer is in close contact with the spiritual world. She has been writing spiritual books, which has received as a medium, since 1998. At the centre of her work are energized symbols and essences, which are not only used by private individuals, but also doctors, healing practitioners, energy practitioners, and teachers, with great success. They have also proved to work well in the areas of pregnancy, birth in caring for children, during care for the terminally-ill, and those who are grieving. She founded, and runs, the company ‘Lichtpunkt’ (, and ‘Ekonja-publishing’. She is currently planning to make her work more well-known in the U.S.A. Ingrid Auer has homes in Vienna and Mallorca. Ingrid Auer on Facebook  »



Beate Fallaschinski

Beate Fallaschinski is a trained gymnastics teacher, wellness-therapist, certified consultant for spiritual body-energy-work, and motopedics-teacher, with additional qualifications in French physical therapy, conducting a discussion, education, public relations and language training. She has experience of working with the handicapped, and special needs children, during their formative years. Even holistic education restricted what she was hoping to achieve. Feeling a desire to meet the spiritual needs of children and teenagers, she developed completely new concepts for a spiritual education, for new teaching methods materials. She emphasizes on integrating Ingrid Auer’s angel symbols and angel essences in her work. In cooperation with her she founded the project ‘Spiritual Education’ in Majorca. She lives in Lindau/Bodensee. Beate Fallaschinski on Facebook  »