Children love physical contact. Therefore, most of them enjoy being stroked, and massaged. The older the children get, the more consciously we should take the time for this contact between parents and child. But also trained children’s masseurs know exactly what is good for children.


There are three different types of massage: the classical massages, such as sport massages or massages when there are physical tensions; the holistic massages, such as reflexology, the metamorphic massages, or massages with healing stones and other energetic tools; and the spiritual massages.


Whereas the classical massage is mainly about the strengthening and relaxation of the physical body, the holistic or energetic massage includes the subtle body, such as the aura, chakras or meridians. As tools, colour light, colour oils, essential oils, or healing stones, are used.


It takes spiritual tools to turn a holistic massage into a spiritual massage. They ensure that energy blockages are not only solved and transformed in the physical body, and the lower aura layers (etheric body, emotional body, mental body and astral body), but also in even higher vibrating aura layers, strictly speaking in 18 aura layers.


Also the high frequent chakras, also called the “New Chakras” or “Chakras of the New Age”, can only be strengthened, realigned, cleansed, and protected by spiritual tools. If karmic blockages are stored in the subtle areas of the body, they can only be completely transformed with spiritual tools as well.


You will find some instructions for spiritual children’s massage here: