Problems with the teacher – part 1


My son (10) cannot cope with his teacher. He used to be a very ambitious student. But, in the last six months, since he has been having this teacher, his results have deteriorated from “Very good” to “Will he have to repeat the year”? Also the grades of the class are below average. He often comes home from school crying. Once he even had a migraine attack. I have the angel symbols for children at home. Which one shall I put in his trouser pocket? Or are there any other tips?


There is urgent need for action. It should not be possible that within such a short period of time a child gets so much worse at school and that most of the other children have the same problem. Obviously the teacher can’t provide the information in a way that the children understand it. But this is her task. It would be very important that all the parents of the class sit together and talk about the situation. Afterwards the parents’ representative should either talk to the teacher or to the headmaster.

You could lay an angel circle with the angel-symbols 1-49 at home (you find instructions in the book to go with the symbols). Additionally you can draw a card for the teacher and put it on a sheet of paper with the teacher’s name. Before every exam or test you could lay an angel circle.

Your son should draw a card from the angel symbols for children, put it in his pocket or sleep on it. As soon as he has the feeling he needs a different symbol, he should exchange the old one for one, two or three new ones. Also I recommend the angel-aura-essences “Archangel Michael” (in the morning) and “Energetic Cleansing” (after school). The angel-combi-oil no. 3 helps in these situations as well. It would be important to strengthen your son’s self-confidence. Praise him for the things he does well and let him do things in his free time which he really enjoys and which he is good at. (Susanne Seger, Austria)


I would recommend you talk to the teacher in the presence of another teacher, the headmaster or a mother of another child, with respect but firmly. It is important to show the teacher that your son is suffering. Have you been to the school-inspector? Maybe he knows some remedial action. Another possibility would be to get lessons at home. I don’t know exactly how to proceed because I do not know where you live. But I think you could approach the education authority to allow your son to be educated at home. The costs for home schooling are covered by the state. I can only speak for Austria because right now I am teaching a girl from the 3rd form of Primary School and a boy from the 3rd form of Secondary School at home. Both parents receive the cost for the lessons paid from the state. I can even write them a school report. You could also consider a change of schools. Your son needs a more open school structure. Angel symbols are definitely a great help. I always let my students draw angel symbols for children. The very best wishes for your son. (Silvia Lichtenegger, Austria)


As your son is already 10 years old, you could approach the problem together with him. Provided he is open for this sort of problem solving. As you have the angel symbols for children, let your son draw an angel card. This makes a good start, and he can choose whether he wants to have the card under his pillow, in his trouser pocket or on a photo of his. Afterwards he can decide if he wants to do something for the teacher, as it is obvious that there are more people involved. Let your son draw eight angel-symbol cards and arrange them in a circle. Put a sheet of paper in the middle of the circle with the name of the teacher and all the classmates. Leave this angel-protection circle for more than 3 weeks. (Beate Fallaschinski, Mallorca)


From a higher point of view it is not about marks. And you won’t change them with angel symbols. There are no “bad” people who we have to protect ourselves from. The situations in the outer world and the behaviour of people often serve to help a complex development, growth or change. In this way the situation is not only necessary for your son – he helps to initiate a change – it also helps you, other children and other parents. And it also helps the teacher in her developing process. I have only recently written a blog on the topic – Tension between parents – child – school – as a field of development and growth. (Daniela Hutter, Austria)


I know this problem from my own school time and therefore I can imagine very well how your son feels. You, as the mother, have got two possibilities:


  1. You get active and talk to the teacher, explaining to her how bad your son feels. If this does not work, find parents with similar experiences and inform the Headmaster about the situation. You can also talk to the district authorities. This all takes time and energy and you don’t really know if it is worth doing. Therefore you should think about other options.
  2. Why don’t you put your energy into finding a new and better school? There are so many wonderful schools with dedicated teachers. Get information. A change of school does not mean that you have failed.It means that you want to make your son’s life easier and that you make use of your freedom of choice.

Energetically you can support your son in the following ways:

In the morning: Angel-aura-essence “Energetic Boundaries”

In the evening: Angel-aura-essence “Energetic Cleansing”

If possible, take your son into the shop with you so that he can choose another angel-aura-essence intuitively.

Then there is the angel-combi-oil no. 22/Doriel. It helps with fears of school and stage fright. In the morning and evening your son can massage a few drops on the solar plexus (over the navel) or on the soles of his feet.

Get the book “Healing Angel Symbols” by Ingrid Auer. The book tells you how to lay angel-protective-circles. You could lay an angel-protective-circle for your son, the whole class and the teacher. It might be interesting to give the teacher the book “Engelsymbole für Kinder” by Ingrid Auer. This gives her the chance to get in touch with the topic of the “Children of the New Age” and she could open up for new impulses.

Tip: Give your son a bottle of water for school. He should drink the water during the morning. Drinking water relaxes. (Manuela Luncer, Croatia)


Problems with the teacher – part 2


As a mother I often wonder: Have I done too little for my children? Where have I gone wrong? Have I failed? I have got children who love to play, love nature and have fun. With my older one (now 14) Ritalin was a topic. Now he is a balanced and sensitive person. I feel helpless, misunderstood, failing and angry. Nevertheless I feel a voice deep inside me saying that the children are on the right way. But how can I keep this feeling despite all the negative energies coming from the school?


Dear mother! I know what you mean. Our school system is ill. Please, do not get infected yourself. The children of the new age need more room for their personal development. Many teachers do not understand this. Try to find positive aspects.

With the help of the angel symbols you could lay a protective circle for the school (or the whole school system). Stay calm. I am sure you have done things right. The reason why so many teachers react in the wrong way is that they just do not know that the children of the new age need to be taught with love. Too many teachers still think they are “good” when they show how powerful they are. It is sad but true. Please, remain positive. (Photo: Silvia Lichtenegger, Austria)


You seem to have done everything right. Keep listening to your inner voice, let it get louder and believe in your children, because they are children of the new age. You have managed to save your elder son from Ritalin which is truly great. Your child could also keep characteristics like sensitivity, fantasy, … they might have even become stronger. This is no matter of course. Your child has not been “bent”. You can’t offer him more for his future life. Our school system is out of date and does not suit our “new children”. Unfortunately it takes time to change things. Thanks to the Indigo children and the Crystal children, etc. we are on the way to improving the situation. Children force us to change things. The teachers, who stick to the old school system, do not feel happy. They cannot cope with the “new children”, are often ill … and are in this way also forced to change their way of thinking. We are the generation who is, so to say in the middle of the chaos, but can contribute to the change and improvements. You can lay a protective circle with the angel-symbol cards 1-49 and hand this delicate topic over to the angelic world. You won’t think of it so often any more and will put less energy into it. Do not worry too much. Worries weaken your children, trust strengthens them. If one of your children needs support, it can draw an angel symbol and put it on the body or sleep on it. (Up to the age of 12 I recommend the angel symbols for children, then you can use the angel-symbol cards 1-49). For you I would recommend the angel-transformation-essence no. 1 “Unconditional Trust”. (Susanne Seger, Austria)


As a member of the so-called “Okay Team”, I have been travelling around Switzerland to work with problem classes for decades. We mainly strengthened the self confidence of the children which worked very well. And do you know what really surprised me? If children were seen as difficult in school, it shook the parents’ and teachers’ self-esteem hard. They all had the feeling to have done something wrong. Then it was difficult to look at the situation objectively and clearly, and to find a way to support the child. To get in closer connection to your own strength, I recommend you an energetic “cutting”. Draw the shape of an “8” on a piece of paper. Write your name and date of birth in the bottom circle of the 8 and in the top circle of the 8 all your doubts, accusations, anger, just everything that burdens you concerning this topic. Then choose 7 angel-combi-symbols for the bottom circle and 7 angel-combi-symbols for the top circle intuitively. Put the symbol of “Archangel Michael” on the spot where the two circles meet. Leave the cutting for three weeks. It is wonderful to get rid of burdening feelings energetically. How do you notice that you are energetically free? When you think of school and your feelings stay calm. In this peaceful mood you communicate with your inner voice and your higher self. It provides an enormous amount of trust in you and in life. Spray the angel-aura-essences “Higher Self”. It will feel like an angelic present. (Brigitte Heynen, Switzerland)


You have said it yourself: You have children who are happy, love nature and have fantasy. Look at your children from the aspect of the energies of the new age. Follow your inner voice. It holds the truth and understanding. Many schools still act according to the old system and often feel under pressure. Thank God there are more and more schools that act holistically and with more consideration of the children. I am sure there are schools like that in your vicinity. Things are changing. And this is good. But new systems take their time. If you are still overpowered by strong negative energies, try to get centred again by getting in touch with your higher self (you can also get this energy as an angel-aura-essence or as angel symbol in the set of cards “Die Symbole der Erzengel und Meister”). (Beate Fallaschinski, Mallorca)


Dear Mum, let yourself be hugged by the angels! You are a wonderful mother and have given your best in the education of your children! I can feel so much love and responsibilities between your lines! Believe me, we mothers all have similar doubts and questions. And in the end we can’t do more than love our children unconditionally! Trust your inner voice which you can hear so clearly. It is the voice of your angels and your spiritual guides. You are lucky to feel the inner impulses so strongly. Try to improve these abilities by getting into contact with the angels for some moments every day. The more you trust in angelic guidance, the more your self-confidence grows which gives less and less room for doubt and helplessness.

If you really want to work on your negative beliefs, I recommend you the master-aura-essence “Serapis Bey” and the book “Das Paradies ist in dir” by Magyarosy. The angel-arua-essence “Archangel Michael” strengthens your courage and determination and protects you from negative energies. You can use the essence in turns with the angel-aura-essence “Energetic Boundaries”. Especially in the evening you best clear yourself and your children with the angel-aura-essence “Energetic Boundaries”. If you feel the urge to get to know more about angelic help, I recommend you the book “Healing Angel Symbols” by Ingrid Auer. In the book you also find instructions how to use the effective angel circles. Tip: Get used to reading books about angels. You will notice how energetic and harmonized you feel. I recommend you the authors Ingrid Auer, Doreen Virtue and Sabrina Fox. (Manuela Luncer, Croatia)


Talking about angels is forbidden


In my four-year-old daughter’s kindergarten group it is forbidden to talk about angels. The head of the kindergarten does not like it. As my daughter grows up with angels and symbols, she would like to talk about angels with the other children. Of course she does not understand why she shouldn’t. I tried to explain it to her, but she is totally insecure now and sad. Can you give me a tip as to how I should handle this? Thank you and greetings! (Gabi)


Dear Gabi! I have thought deeply about your question. My thoughts keep coming back to one result: please, try to talk to the head of the kindergarten. Before you do, I recommend three things:


  • the Angel-Aura-Essence “Archangel Michael” or the Angel-Symbol “Archangel Michael” for protection and courage during the talk with the head.
  • Master-Aura-Essence “Sananda” for friendliness and good manners during the talk.
  • Master-Aura-Essence “Maria” who is the most loving mother of all children. As we are all God’s children, she is also responsible for this lady. I think she will soon feel that there are a lot of angels around her. She only has to let it be.

One more thing occurred to me: I attended a webinar (web seminar) at Daniela Hutter’s recently, where I learned something amazing: we should give room to the situations which are to be changed. You will see, it really works. Sending you lots of patience, joy and hope for the coming time. Yours, Silvia (Photo: Silvia Lichtenegger, Austria)


As a mother of three children, I recommend you: what is important to me in accompanying my daughter? Can I live with the thought that teachers forbid a topic which is so present and important for us?

What belief does the kindergarten approve? Am I behind it? What kind of educational concept does this kindergarten offer and do I agree with it? If I want my daughter to grow up freely and independently, talking about angels, belief and spirituality, is this kindergarten suitable for us? What concept would suit us more? Can I live with this kindergarten’s ideas or is it the starting signal for a change? Of course, you can explain to your child that not everybody is open for angels. But a child in the kindergarten can’t really follow this cognitively.

Basically I wonder whether it is allowed to forbid talking about angels? Is it worth trying to change things there, or would it be better to choose a kindergarten with more open concepts and teachers. Listen to your heart and ask yourself: can I live with this sort of attitude? I am sure you will find a solution suitable for you and your child. (Tamara Frühbeiss, Germany)


Dear Gabi, we must not forget that we live in a system, where spirituality and the awareness of energies is not to be taken for granted. Children just want to convey their happiness and joy. We cannot persuade people, but we have to accept it, if they cannot open up for the angelic tools, which are strange and new for them. It is wonderful that your child can grow up with angels. It would be a shame if she had to suppress this joy. She does not have to, because she can show her attitude in a very realistic environment as well. Show your daughter how you handle your spirituality in your life and show her that she can open her heart and support the group with her love. You could lay a protection circle with Angel-Symbol-Cards. This supports the group of children energetically. You can additionally support her with the Angel-Aura-Essence “Angel Hariel” (for children) in her everyday life in her social environment. This Angel-Aura-Essence supports the following aspects: cleansing of the child’s aura and protection from energetic burdens; feeling accepted and understood and being allowed to feel and live the protection and energy of the angelic world. (Beate Fallaschinski, Mallorca)


I assume you have already tried to talk to the head of the kindergarten about this topic. Maybe you should try again. However, lay an angel circle with the Angel-Symbol-Cards 1-49 and the Angel-Combi-Symbols “The Seven Helpers in Need” before, for a good and positive talk. I also recommend you write the name of the head and your child’s teacher on two sheets of paper and draw two angel cards. Put the cards on the names and leave them for some time. Ask the head when you talk to her, she should try to look at angels as neutrally as she looks at a flower. We talk about guardian angels and find it completely normal, so why should your child not talk about angels? I would not forbid your child to talk about angels. It is so wonderful if children can keep their access to the angelic world until they grow up. Can you wish for a better guidance in life? You child would also feel she is not allowed to be true and honest, which would surely make her (as a child of the New Age) suffer.

If another talk is not really successful, I would recommend looking for another kindergarten. (Susanne Seger, Austria)


Dear Gabi, we all have different opinions, truths and beliefs and it is not always easy to explain things to our children, which they cannot comprehend with their understandings. It is wonderful that your daughter is so connected and has such a strong belief. She cannot imagine that other people don’t feel the same. Of course it is understandable that she only wants to talk about herself and her “world”. It is something special if young people want to talk about themselves and therefore take part in life. It is a shame that the kindergarten is so closed and forbids the topic angels.

If I was in your position, I would talk to the head and teachers. For you it would mean to take on responsibility. Before the talk you could lay a protection circle from Angel-Symbol-Cards. Write down your wishes, phrase them in connection with freedom of opinion and expression, respect and value of freedom. The head of the kindergarten should be made to think about the consequences of forbidding. The topic of communication is often wasted in our society and our partnerships. Teachers should be curious, they should want to talk to the children, listen and not judge. Children should learn to be able to talk about whatever they want, at all times. They should not be judged because of their opinion. Talk about these values without mentioning angels.

There is another interesting question: what are teachers afraid of that they must forbid the topic angels??? What can a little child, believing in angels, cause??? I would spray the child with the Angel-Aura-Essence “Energetic Boundary” every morning, so that she can really be herself. Tell your daughter that it is something special to believe in angels and that not everyone has this strong belief. I would continue talking about angels. I would forbid nothing. Your child is talking about it, because she has a certain task here on earth. And if this task is “wake up this kindergarten”, then it should be. Always support your daughter. I remember a situation with my son. He came home from school telling me that he had been talking about angels with a friend. The other boy had no idea, which was very surprising for my son. I told him that angels are a very personal thing. He can always talk to me about them, but there are people who don’t know angels and don’t believe in their powers. We have to respect this. Trust in the angel world, work with protection circles for the kindergarten, or certain teachers, to open. Our time needs brave children and brave parents – we can create our world through our actions. Wishing you success and looking forward to your result. Christine. (Christine Poignie, Mallorca)


Yes, this is truly a difficult situation. Our first reaction was to take your child out from this kindergarten as quickly as possible. But such things always have a background. We would talk to the head of the kindergarten asking her why the children are not allowed to talk about angels. Nobody should be forbidden to do so. We would cheekily give her a set of the children’s symbols and tell her how to use them.

We recommend using a cleansing circle for the head of the kindergarten (for instance Angel-Combi-Symbol circle with the symbols no. 24 “Sorael”), afterwards a power circle, and then a cutting circle. Maybe there are still some old vows in this kindergarten that should be dealt with. If this does not help, maybe you should really look for a new kindergarten for your child. Wishing you much courage! (Alexandra and Aaron Britschgi, Switzerland)


Dear Gabi, my first thought was…”in our Swiss schools there are mobile-free zones. In your kindergarten there seems to be an angel-free zone.” I don’t have any angel-free zones, nor have you and your daughter. So what is to be done? Focus on strengthening yourself. What I mean is: tell your daughter clearly: “We two know that the angels accompany us everywhere. They are our helpers and friends. But there are adults who think completely differently about angels. They don’t even want to talk about them. Even if you are not allowed to talk about the angels, they are still here. This is why we two are doing something special now.” I would invite your daughter to make a drawing of your house and the kindergarten. Also the way from home to the kindergarten. She draws herself on both places. She also draws the most important people, animals and things in her life. Then take the “Angel Symbols for Children” and put them on the drawings for two weeks. The angels have got such a lot of wonderful ways of helping, even if we run out of ideas. Good luck! (Brigitte Heynen, Switzerland)