The First Body – the Etheric Body


The etheric body (etheric = the state between matter and energy) is the exact likeness of the physical body. It is formed of fine energy lines and vibrates between fifteen and twenty times per minute. On this level one experiences all physical sensations including the pleasant, the painful or the so-called "phantom pains".



The etheric body could be described as a glittering web of light, which surrounds the physical body at a distance of one to approximately five centimeters. 13 blue-white points of light move on this web of light. In this light body the chakras appear in the colors grey to blue.

Peaceful, sensitive individuals usually have a fine, thin and ethereal, water-color blue color, physically strong and robust people have a thick, rough ethereal body of grey-blue color. Athletes and dancers possess a very highly developed etheric body with many energy lines that are thicker, more elastic and more charged than in the average person. (The chakras of the etheric body in these people appear in the same blue to grey colors). Clairvoyants are able to see even the internal organs of the physical body in this shimmering blue light.


If the first body is strong and well-charged, the person enjoys vitality and sensations such as physical contact and sex. Also the simple sensory pleasures such as smell, taste, sound and sight are connected to this etheric body. If the etheric body is weak, the person feels an overall lack of energy and desire; each physical activity, even sex or eating can then become torturous.


The Second Body – the Emotional Body


The emotional body penetrates both the physical body as well as the etheric body, it follows the outline of the etheric body and has a circumference of about three to eight centimeters. Its structure is already more fluid than the etheric body. Clairvoyants describe it as colorful clouds that are constantly in motion.

In this body, the chakras appear in the so-called classic color order:

  • Root chakra – red
  • Sexual chakra- orange
  • Solar plexus chakra – yellow
  • Heart chakra – green pink
  • Throat chakra – light blue
  • Brow chakra – indigo blue
  • Crown chakra – White

The more positively and distinctly feelings such as joy, love or happiness are experienced, the clearer and brighter the emotional body radiates in the various rainbow colors. Bright, colorful energy clouds demonstrate a positive sense of self-worth. Dark, dirty energy represent negative self-worth. Feelings such as fear present themselves in dull, dark, dirty colors. When feelings are suppressed the flow of energy in the emotional body is interrupted, resulting in dark, dirty energy fields. This can also lead to energy stagnation in the adjacent aura layers.


When the second body is strong and well-charged, one loves and respects oneself, feels good and has an intense emotional life and positive self-worth. When the emotional body, on the other hand, is weak and not well-charged, one is not capable of intensive feelings or one has repressed them. If the etheric body is fully charged, but the energy fields are dark or stagnant, then the person tends to be self-judgmental and depressed, unable to accept oneself as he or she is.


The Third Body – the Mental Body

The mental body connects to the emotional body and at the same time penetrates all of the underlying levels. Its structure lines are fine and present themselves as a thin veil that appears in a bright yellow lemon colored light. The chakras also appear in this body in lemon yellow. The light flows from the head and shoulders and surrounds the entire body, pulsating at a very high frequency. Normally the mental body extends from eight to twenty centimeters outside of the physical body.


The mental body stands in relation to the world of thoughts and changes in accordance with them.


If a person is in deep concentration the yellow of the mental body becomes brighter and brighter as it expands. The more clear and precise ones thoughts, the clearer is the form of the mental body. The energy of the mental body can be directed through what a person thinks. In this way one can exert tremendous influence on the energy body in both directions: positive thoughts strengthen, negative thoughts weaken.


If the mental body is healthy and in balance, intuition and rationality cooperate and the person experiences clarity and balance. The joy of learning is present. When the mental body is weak and poorly charged, there is little interest in learning or in other intellectual activities. When the first three energy bodies are in balance, the person feels secure and lives in harmony with his or her environment and personal powers. When the etheric body and the emotional body are weak, while the mental body is strong, the person tends to live mainly through his or her intellect and experiences life limited to the reasoning level.


Negative thoughts slow down, darken and distort the mental body. Once these have manifested themselves they are energy forms difficult to change. If feelings are not allowed to flow, a burdensome energy blockage arises in the mental body. A frank and honest conversation or honest self-reflection could solve this problem.


The Fourth Body – the Astral Body


The fourth body is amorphous and glows in the colors of the rainbow, but is dominated by the color pink. Clairvoyants see it as a colorful liquid that extends fifteen to thirty centimeters outward.

When a person is filled with love, the heart chakra in the astral body is filled with pink. When two people are in love with one another, an arch of pink light spans their heart chakras.


The term “band of love” is therefore to be taken literally. Clairvoyants can see these “bands of love” quite well. The deeper the relationship, the more bands exist and the stronger they become. Emotional dependency can also develop through these bands and separation pains develop through the tearing of the bands.


The main function of the astral body is love for all beings. If the frequency of the astral body is too low, it is comparable with the thick mucous of ill health, pain, a feeling of heaviness or exhaustion, which eventually leads to illness. On an interpersonal level, a weak astral body can lead to isolation. When one has a weak astral body, one is not drawn to others, avoids relationships and often experiences conflict. If the astral body is strong, healthy and charged, one has strong and good relationships, one loves associate with people, whether within the family, on the job or amongst a circle of friends. Love is an important part of existence.


Fifth Body – the Etheric Blueprint / Negative Etheric Body


The fifth body is the etheric body on the spiritual plane. The first body – the etheric body – is closely bound to the fifth body and it develops within it. When the etheric body is twisted through illness, it is important to work on the etheric blueprint.


The etheric blueprint reaches out approximately 70 centimeters away from the body, it looks like a narrow oval and contains the structure of the collected auras, the chakras, the organs, the physical structure, but in the negative form (remember the negative that previously existed when photographs were made with film).


Clairvoyants, who can see these levels, speak of a cobalt blue light that looks like an empty room and which is formed out of transparent energy lines that diagram the subtle energetic body. This is where the name blueprint originates. Even the chakras appear as transparent lines on a cobalt blue background.


The personal life plan, which every person in agreement with God's will and their higher self carries with them, is stored in the fifth body. Whether a person follows that plan is up to his or her free will. The more a person, either consciously or unconsciously, deviates from their divine plan, the more strongly they run the risk of falling into areas of extreme stress, which are sometimes manifested through illnesses or accidents. People living in accordance with their personal divine plan and who live in their full power, enjoys wisdom and happiness. By harnessing their full potential, these persons feel connected to everything around.


When the fifth energy field is strong, a strong sense of inner guidance is present which is being followed and assists in translating visions into reality. When the blueprint is weak, one does not live in accordance with divine plan. When a person’s life does not fit into the great universal plan, there is a feeling of not being connected to the environment and one is constantly searching for a deeper meaning in life. Dissatisfaction and frustration are prevalent. Even the idea that a life plan could exist, is totally foreign. Other people, especially those who live in accordance with their life plan are judged or scorned. Connections between the material and the subtle energy world, between seen and unseen levels, are neither understood nor accepted by these people. One lives entirely in the material world and denies everything that cannot be seen or comprehended.


The Sixth Body – the Celestial Body


The sixth body is the emotional body at the spiritual level. It is that body through which humans can experience “spiritual ecstasy” and through which they can feel connected to the entire universe. This level can be reached with meditation as well as other transformation techniques.


The heavenly body extends from 60 to 80 centimeters outward and it contains all of the colors of the rainbow in wonderful, iridescent, pastel tones. Above it is a gold/silver glow similar to mother-of-pearl. The form of the sixth energy body is not firmly structured but it has a very high energy frequency and it appears as rays of light that shine out from the body. Even the Chakras in this body appear in iridescent pastel tones with silver mother-of-pearl sheen.


When the sixth energy body is strong and healthy, energy radiates brightly in straight beams from the body. The lighter and more radiant this heavenly body is, the more spiritually conscious the person who is connected to this plane becomes. It fills him with a deep and healing peace, with spiritual love, happiness and contentment. He feels connected to all beings from the spiritual world, with the angels, with the archangels, with the ascended masters and spiritual leaders, but also with the earth, all people and all other creatures of nature.


When the sixth body is weak and lacks energy, people cannot have inspiring or spiritual experiences. There is a lack of imagination, when one reads about spiritual subjects or hears other people speak of about them.


Only that which they can see, measure, touch or intellectually understand, determines their world, everything else is relegated to the domain of fantasy.


On the other hand: Those who want to live only on the spiritual plane will be out of touch with the world. These people have not yet learned that the physical world exists in the middle of the spiritual world and not outside of it. Some people even feel themselves superior, because they live in this spiritual “enclave”. In reality, they often are afraid of the physical world and project everything exclusively into the spiritual.


The Seventh Body – the Causal Body


The seventh body is the mental body on the spiritual plane, it extends 70 to 100 cm outward and it looks like a golden egg. It contains light that is composed of thousands of golden threads that pulsate very rapidly. The "auric egg" stands at the top and its shell has a thickness of about 1 cm and it is very elastic and tough. The causal body regulates energy flow between the aura and the surrounding area, like a protective shell for all of the subtle energy bodies. On this plane, the chakras appear in a golden light.


The causal body is directly connected to the spiritual plane. In addition, traces of past lives are stored here, they move over the eggshell like colorful bands of light. The golden threads of light work through and bind all of the bodily parts.


They connect the cells, the organs, the entire body, humanity and the entire world.


The seventh body corresponds with the plane of sacred wisdom. When consciousness is raised to this level, one can connect to and feel a part of godly knowledge. Some people have already succeeded in gaining access to this information, which is not accessible with normal sensory perception. Pioneering work in areas of the physical and metaphysical planes, as well as channeling and energy healing are part of this expansion of human potential.


When the causal body is healthy and strong, one has access to creative ideas and new discoveries, receives information about the self and the universe. When the causal body is weak the golden lines are dull and dark, there is no access to the divine energy field and one has a sense of incompleteness. The weaker this body, the more incapable one is of understanding the higher contextual nature of life.