Demands on parents, teachers and child therapists have increased dramatically in the last few years. One might believe that children are badly educated and lack discipline. This may be partly true, but there is also a completely different reason that becomes apparent: Children generally have changed drastically. Specialist circles are talking about the “Children of the New Age“.


If you only believe in things you can see, touch, feel or hear, if your world view is based on what science and research can prove, then I would like to encourage you to open up for new views. I would like to introduce you to spiritual tools and methods, energized angel symbols and angel essences, which are even harder to understand than Bach-flowers or homeopathy. Others, who agree with Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s quote “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eyes“, will find a way to make a mental step forward.


In a time of great change and transformation in the world, we should not be surprised, that nothing is as it was before. Almost unnoticed, by most of the people, this process started a few decades ago.


This process, which has been perceived by sensitive people for some time, finds confirmation in research now, for the first time. For example astrophysicists have  discovered that after solar flares, incredible amounts of gas, also called plasma, are catapulted into space at an enormous speed, of millions of kilometres per hour. The special thing about this plasma is that it is electrically charged.


As soon as these electrically charged particles meet the earth’s atmosphere, they cause an electric storm and polar lights. They change the electro-magnetic field of the earth and have a lasting effect on all living beings. These changes can even be seen in their cell structure.


From the physicists‘ point of view, these increasing solar flares also cause massive changes in the human brain. Studies have proved that there is an interaction between geomagnetic activities and special cognitive performances, and concentration problems. Scientists even assume that there could be a complete restructuring of mankind (See: Broers, Dr. Dieter: (R)EVOLUTION 2012, Scorpio-Verlag, München, 2009).*


This energetic restructuring or changes are an ongoing process. Although children do not, in any way, look different to children born twenty or fifty years ago, they ‘function’ differently. They respond to different energetic fields, they are highly sensitive and psychic.


The Children of the New Age


During the first years of their life, many of these children still keep in contact with the world they have come from. They are clairvoyant, see people’s aura, and the souls of the deceased, or subtle beings from other dimensions. Many adults believe this is simply an over-active imagination. The children feel muzzled, and suppress their spiritual abilities, because they are laughed at, blamed, or even punished. But this does not change the fact that these children have a different awareness, higher sensitivity, or a different soul quality to most adults.


It is nonsense to say these children’s abilities don’t exist, just because we don’t have them. I’d like to compare it with the rejection of the fact that some animals can hear sounds of much higher frequency than we can. The only difference is that we can scientifically prove the frequencies that animals can hear, whereas we can’t prove the spiritual abilities of the children of the New Age.


If we accept that these children find themselves in higher frequencies than most of us adults, it is obvious that we cannot help them with low frequencies. By this, I mean the emotional level, the frequency of our hearts. Whoever wants to approach children with a cold heart of stone, to play with them, or teach them, will encounter strong resistance.


It is not surprising therefore that children often need higher-vibrating tools, and remedies, to maintain or improve their health. Many children respond better to plants, herbs, flower essences, or homeopathy, than to allopathic drugs.


But what has this all got to do with spiritual tools, we are talking about here?


 It is simple: we have to change and expand our world view, to be able to accept that there are spiritual tools. I don’t mean the essences that are already known, which are produced with colours, herbs, crystals, trees, essential oils or flowers. Neither do I mean highly potentized homeopathic remedies. They obtain their energies from earthly substances and therefore have ‘near-earth vibrations’, no matter how highly potentized they are.


I am talking about tools, containing purely spiritual energies and frequencies, which do not come from the Earth. They come from the highest spiritual levels of our universe or our existence, or however you might call it. You can see that it is hard to describe and put these non-earthly energies into human words. I am talking about angel symbols and angel essences.


Spiritual tools


Since 1999 I have been receiving energized angel symbols, angel essences and angel oils, transmitted by the angelic world. The energies these angel symbols, angel essences, and angel oils, contain, come from spiritual dimensions of our being, are saved on carriers, such as water, oils, etc. and energetically sealed.


It is not my intention, or my task, to convince sceptics and doubters about the efficiency of symbols and essences. After twelve years of personal experiences, countless positive feedbacks and unbelievable progress reports from private persons, doctors, teachers, healing practitioners, midwives, animal owners and therapists, it is too easy to just put it down to the placebo effect. I think it is much more sensible to tell you what spiritual tools can be.


A scientifically-oriented person assumes he only exists on a material level, in a physical body. A holistically-thinking person has realised that the physical body is surrounded by an invisible, subtle body, the so-called aura layers. With technical appliances you can visualize a small part of these subtle layers. The subtle body is closely connected with the gross physical body and interacts with it. Every change in the physical body affects the subtle body. And every change in the subtle body, for instance, an increase of the vibrations frequency, causes a change in the physical, mental, emotional and energetic level of your body.


Alternative or holistic methods of treatment, which use tools with near-earth vibrations, cause changes in the lower vibration levels of the subtle body. In this way, for example, you can stimulate the lower aura layers, ideally as far as the astral body, with the help of mental training, kinesiology, flower and crystal essences, homeopathy, singing bowls, herbs, colours, sounds or essential oils. These areas can be brought into a positive healing vibration. Also, energy blockages in these areas can be harmonized and loosened.

However, if you want to positively influence the subtle areas beyond the astral body, which are located in even higher vibrating subtle layers, it takes “far-earth“ or spiritual tools, such as energized angel symbols and angel essences.


Why is this so important in connection with spiritual education? 

Because the children of the New Age have particularly pronounced, highly vibrating energy bodies, which can hardly, or only partly be reached and positively influenced by alternative and holistic methods. In these energy bodies their intuitive knowledge and medial abilities are saved. They can only be supported and encouraged with the help of appropriate tools.


Children bear a spiritual consciousness which wants to be recognized, supported and lived. Out of ignorance, and lack of understanding, this has not been considered. So, if these ‘New Children’ are not seen and treated for what they really are, naturally conflicts and behaviour problems within the family, in the kindergarten or school, arise.


The education children have received so far, is lacking in understanding and knowledge about spiritual abilities and the unusual requirements of the ‘Children of the New Age’. Parents, teachers and therapists have not developed these abilities themselves, or don’t even know that they also have spiritual abilities. So they need spiritual tools to help them understand their children’s language and adapt their present traditional or alternative methods to the level of these new children.


* German reference.